Tyre Retreading Total Solution

The no.1-top for entire(retread tyre&re-building new tire) solutions
the 1-stop for entire(retread tyre&re-building new tire) solutions

·The core members are from the original bandag\marangoni technical team--20 years manufacturing experience
·customized service ,provide production design planning, configuration equipments, tool kit, materiar supply, process guidance services.

1-Tyre Retreading Production Line
2-Retreading Materials
3-Retreading Tools
4-Plant Layout Efficiency Reference Scheme
5-Application Case

TBR Re-Building Tyre Total Solution

1. Using tire retreading production line and process to realize mass and customized new tires production
2. Set up a small satellite factory for new tires of own brand with low investment
3.Semi-finished tyres are imported and reprocessed locally to avoid anti-dumping duties.

1-Total Solution introduction
2-Main production equipments
3-Smooth tires and Ring-tread
4-Application Cases


Rubber Powder "Sweet Baking Shop"

Rubber brick vulcanization equipment is used to make rubber powder into multi-purpose rubber brick.It can be used for paving of public places, paving of park floor tiles, paving of activity places, etc.Can be customized according to customer requirements, different types of mold, configuration of different colors and shapes.

Main production equipments

Rubber powder and processing Total Solution

Wast Tires Recycling includes crushing treatment of waste tires and production of rubber powder.
1- Tire crushing:it refers to the rubber cutting strips and pieces, while the  tire mouth steel wire separation, also known as the "waste tire pre-processing";
2- Production of rubber powder: it refers to the grinding of rubber blocks, processing into different mesh particles, and the separation of fine steel wire and fiber wire in the rubber.
Rubber particles can be used in different fields according to the number of mesh.


Rubber & Tyre Laser-marking Total Solution

Customized Laser Marking (Logo, Tire Number, Tire Side Identification, Etc.)
Save Tyre-Sidewall Mold Invest
1-Tire Laser Marker -Used in warehouse
2 Tire Laser Marker -Used in monorail

Tire Mold nondestructive laser cleaning equipment

Laser cleaning technology is a new type of green cleaning technology, which USES a nanosecond pulse laser with high power and high energy to act on the surface of metal material and remove various pollutants such as rust, paint and rubber.
Mold lossless laser cleaning technology, to break Germany, The United States and Belgium technology monopoly, the price is their products 1/2.
At the same time, we sincerely invite agents in the international cooperation, can stick the brand of cooperater.

Clean Series Laser Cleaning System Product